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Specialized in: R&D is fundamental for a thriving enterprise. Oscar has been engaged in research for a long time. Our S3010-2H is at present the indicative Moving-Column EDM in Taiwan. Its X-axis travel can be 3000mm, Y-axis can be 1000mm, and Z-axis even can be an unprecedented travel-1000mm. We offer not only the complete and optimal models but also variety of electric control systems for customers to choose, ranging from the traditional electrical controlling system to the advanced CMAX template control system that capable of all-directional 3D process applications. Besides, the EDM machine can have the perfect performance by adding the 4th and 5th axis control system. All series of machine (ZNC, NC, CNC, CMAX, SDZNC, SDCNCW) have obtained the CE certification issued by SGS. Combining internal R&D talent with top research centers aiming for fully autonomous control of key technologies, Oscar has become the top EDM manufacturer in Taiwan by establishing an EDM production line that provides the widest range of professional machines with fully covered specifications.
City: Wurih
Views: 2019

     The Marlboruogh Hotel
Specialized in: hotel, Fitness, Pool & Whirlpool, Gift Shop, Hair Salon, Winnipeg Press Club, Lounge, restauraints, Facilities,
City: Winnipeg
Views: 1629

     Shenzhen Power Motor Industrial Co.,Limited
Specialized in: Is a professional motor manufacturer in AC universal motors and big DC motors, located in Shenzhen
City: Shenzhen
Views: 1030

Specialized in: Manufacturing chemical products
Views: 1173

     DUHAL Company
Specialized in: all type of lightings.
City: My Tho
Views: 1413

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