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      Empower Securities Corporation
Specialized in: Securities: - Securities brokerage and related service. - Investment advisory. - Securities custody. - Financial consulting and other financial services as being legally allowed. - Share transfer agent and book runner. - Securities ,mortgaging
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Views: 1985

      Energy Conservation Research and Development Center
Specialized in: Energy Conservation Research and Development Center is an independent organization in the fields of energy and resources management.
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Views: 1394

      ERIDAN Co., Ltd.
Specialized in: Trading in alimentary products
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Views: 1858

      Ernst Komrowski & Co. KG Representative Office
Specialized in: Industrial services.
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Views: 1466

Specialized in: Machinery Distributor
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Views: 2057

      Europ Continents Pte, Ltd.
Specialized in: Medical & laboratory equipment, Rescue and emergency equipment.
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Views: 1863

      Exact Software Vietnam Ltd.
Specialized in: Information Technology/ERP Software
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Views: 1774

      Exotissimo Travel Co., Ltd.
Specialized in: Tourism
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Views: 2426

      Environmental Choices, Inc.
Specialized in: Manufacturer of multi-enzyme products: ENCHOICE - Environmental Treatment and DZ33 - Soil Stabilizer
Views: 6876

      Environment Consultancy Center
Specialized in: I. HANDLING TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING NUO / WASTE WATER II. GREENHOUSE GAS HANDLING TECHNOLOGY III. TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING of SOLID WASTE HANDLING / Waste / Hazardous Waste IV. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING: HOME RECORDS SETS waste / wastewater discharge into RECORDS SOURCE NUO / ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION SCHEME / CASE HANDLING Hazardous Waste V. Environmental Planning ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT / ENVIRONMENTAL STRATEGIES (AEI / DMC); mapping QUALITY, RESOURCES, ENVIRONMENT; GEOLOGICAL EXPLORATION DRILLING WORKS VI.PRODUCTS / SERVICES IN THE HANDLING OF WATER / GAS / SOLID WASTE VII. CONSULTANT ISO QUALITY STANDARDS Environmental monitoring VIII. Monitoring and environmental planning IX. ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITING X. TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT PROVIDED I. TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING WATER HANDLING 1. Surface water treatment technologies: water ponds, river water treatment by advanced filtering systems such as membrane Watts, RO ... meet drinking water standards, living water. Reference 2. Groundwater treatment technology: Water wells 3. Technology polluted water treatment: Water sticky oil, acids, heavy metals, minerals, toxic ... 4. Technology Industrial wastewater treatment: galvanizing water, water from the food industry plants, paper mills emit ... Description of Technology: The technology is based on research with the ability to clean components in wastewater mhu diesel, waste oil, cutting oil ... the heavy metals in the water ... Use solvents in environmental characteristics to clean. In the course of processing, combining the use of solvent and heated, creating pressure. vacuum filtration and separation ... to settle the ingredients. II. Waste gas treatment technology Code: KT90 3667 Name CN / TB offering: gas treatment technology Origin: Vietnam Vietnam SPC classification numbers: 90: cleaning services, garbage and waste handling Describe the process of CN / TB: 1. Capacity: the capacity of treatment systems depend upon customer request. 2. Size: depends on the flow discharge. 3. Entry requirements: depending on the size of the treatment system. 4. Standards achieved: Vietnam Standards TCVN 5939 - 2005 - Industrial emission standards for dust and inorganic substances. 5. Vietnam Standards TCVN 5939 - 2005 - Industrial emission standards for some organic substances. Technical requirements in the operation and installation: Fields of application: * 7675: Social Hygiene, organizing and managing health * 8715: Environmental pollution. Pollution control Advantages of the CN / TB: installation costs, appropriate transfer. Low operating costs. Exhaust gas after treatment system of Vietnam standards on environmental law regulations. The system operates completely automatically. Level of development: * Commercialization Registration Form: Modes of transfer: * Turnkey * Negotiate with customers Form of supply: In order Bid Reference: Sale price of technology: Depending on the scale treatment system. Depending on the scale of waste. Depending on the nature of waste. III. TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY SOLID WASTE HANDLING 1. Treatment technologies waste: type and type of recycling bring buried or destroyed at the factory in Hung Yen Center 2. Organic waste: Recycling, fermented and made into fertilizer types provide burial 3. Wastes recycled: Plastic, metal furniture ... capable of recycling and recovery 4. Treatment technology of industrial solid waste: metal, paper, wood ... is the product obtained in the production process IV. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING 1. Research for the general assessment of natural conditions, resources, environment and economic issues, social sector involved in environmental 2. Monitoring, environmental analysis, environmental information 3. Prepare business documents put out a list of polluting facilities 4. Making copies of the registration of environmental standards V. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT 1. Environmental assessment and environmental management plan for works 2. Impact assessment to material cultural resources in project implementation 3. Making reference to the outline plans for clearing, breaking and vegetation management 4. Management of construction activities and camps of the project 5. Planning for comprehensive health care project 6. Assessment of reserves and resources related to industry resources 7. Evaluation of the protective 8. Analyzing cumulative environmental effects 9. Training in the field of environmental protection, troubleshooting VI.SAN PRODUCT / SERVICE IN HANDLING 1. Bleaching preparations, washing Code: SP08/VN 2. Sterilization agents code: SP09/VN 3. The quality demineralized Code: SP10/VN 4. The cleaning environment Code: SP18/VN 5. These substances neutralize acids, alkalis Code: SP27/VN 6. Nanomaterials in environmental applications: Code: SP35/VN 7. Super durable composite manufacturing environment Code: VL02/VN 8. The high pollution code: SP45/VN 9. Filter Products: RO membrane bio-filtration device of FLOWMATIC WATTS (USA) ... Video: SP36/VN Reference: 10. Incinerator system, air filtration, disinfection Code: SP17/VN 11. Test chemical and microbiological VII. CONSULTANT QUALITY STANDARDS 1. SA 8000 2. ISO 9001-2000 3. System OHSAS 18001 4. Establishing, managing and operating quality management system 5. Set up safety system based on behavior 6. Audit of health, occupation, environment, quality 7. Risk management and risk coping 8. Established record of quality control products, workplace safety and risk management for businesses VIII. TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT PROVIDED 1. Request for each project or project section "Turnkey - Turnkey" 2. Provide equipment IX. Planning, monitoring, ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT X. TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT PROVIDED
City: Hanoi
Views: 1618