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International Business Development

Why should you take the trouble to start a new international business development venture if you already have a good  local business?  Why take the risk? Is it worth the effort?

What's the big idea behind International Business Development?
Even in today’s tough business environment, markets are still becoming more international and ideas and opportunities are continuing to move fast. What was competitive last year, may now no longer meet today’s market needs. If you are not going to meet the challenge, someone else may well for you. A very effective way of …


Some of the opportunities

International business development is not just opening up new sales markets or channels, although this is still a major opportunity if you think your products and services may fit address a need in a new untapped market, if you are looking to address new opportunities …. [more]


How do I start? What are my options?

In order to access international markets you have a number of choices:

You can …. [more]

Start Now, then we will help you ‘Bridge the Gap’

Now is the time to start. It is never too soon to start exploring your possibilities. Using the Freebizznet services you can start orientating yourself in the markets you believe have the most potential for you.  When you are ready  we’ll be there be to help you ‘Bridge the Gap’ …[more]