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International Business Development

Why should you take the trouble to start a new international business development venture if you already have a good  local business?  Why take the risk? Is it worth the effort?

What's the big idea behind International Business Development?
Even in today’s tough business environment markets are still becoming more international and ideas and opportunities are continuing to move fast. What was competitive last year, may now no longer be so in today’s market. If you are not going to meet the challenge, someone else may well for you. A very effective way of
addressing these issues is to take your business international. With freebizznet a lot of the issues that would have previously stopped you from going international are either removed or reduced through either our web enabled Member Services or  once you have made the initial contacts and shortlists  with our web services,  you can use our  Support Services provided  by in-country consultants and staff who have local knowledge , understand the customs and culture and generally know who to speak to and how to get what is needed done.


Some of the opportunities

International business development is not just opening up new markets or sales channels, although this is still a major opportunity if you think your products and services may fit address a need in a new untapped market. But also if you are looking to address new opportunities, reduce manufacturing or development costs, access new technologies, find a partner to in-source or outsource some of your business processes, an import or export partner, a strategic purchasing partner; then you are ready for international business development.


How do I start? What are my options?

In order to access international markets you have a number of choices:

You can ‘Go it alone’ – search the web, Google ,see what you find. This is time consuming and will take a long time before you find the right contacts, if you find them at all.


You can take a business trip and see what happens. If you have a lot of time (or are spending someone else’s money) then this can be a good option. At best you may end up with a good sun tan, depending on your location of course.


You can visit a trade show. In reality, this can be a very good option, however this can also be a very expensive way to orientate yourself. Ultimately, there is no substitute for face-to-face contact.; in fact there are very few situations where we would suggest that you did not have at least one meeting before you ‘tied the knot’. The only problem is you may still be meeting with the wrong people.


Or you can use freebizznet to orientate, using our Member Services, and then take the first step. When you are ready to meet the right people, then we will be there again to help you with our in-country provided  Support Services .


Nobody can go at it alone. Think what is going it willcost you in time, money, resources and missed opportunities!


Start Now, then we will help you ‘Bridge the Gap’

Now is the time to start exploring your possibilities. Using the freebizznet services you can start orientating yourself in the markets you believe have the most potential for you.  When you are ready  we’ll be there be to help you ‘Bridge the Gap’. You may then choose to make contact with the potential partners you have found using  our Member Services or you can ask us to help with in-country Support Services.  The choice is up to you. It will depend on your comfort levels in dealing with business in the country or region in which you have chosen to develop. In either case, freebizznet will be ready to help you ‘Bridge the Gap’ through our local  partners who speak the local language, understand the local business and social culture and know what's needed to get the job done.

If you have no experience in this field or if you have a lot of experience and can see the benefits of developing your contacts and business further with freebizznet, then we are there to help.