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What you can do as a Free member As a Free member you enjoy all our free services such as promoting and listing your company in the freebizznet B2B directory. You can be found in your business category and geographic location. You can also post a Business Opportunity, view highlights of business opportunities posted by other companies and search for new business with the freebizznet Business Hunter. [more]

Premium member services If you are looking for more and faster results, then upgrade to become a freebizznet Premium member. Freebizznet Premium members get a priority listing above all Free members so visitors to our site see your listing stand out at the top of the list in the overview they have selected. Additionally, as a freebizznet Premium Member you receive: [more]

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Free member services
Become a global freebizznet member (Business Development without borders)
Publish and manage your company profile
Publish direct company contact information
List your company by business category and geographic location
Find your business partner in our company listings using our ‘Match Maker’ search engine
Publish a Business Opportunity
Search Business Opportunities with the 'Business Hunter'
Provide company validation information

Additional Premium member services
Access to Premium Content and Premium Services
Priority listing: - Stand out in your business category   
Priority listing: - Stand out in your geographic location    
Company pages without commercial advertisements
12 FBN credits per year - (To access Premium Content and Premium Services)
Get Validation Verification - The V V label  (V V  is a Premium Service)

Additional VIP member services
Highest priority listings - Moving to the top with other VIP members in your same category    
200 FBN credits per year - For the high volume Premium Content and Premium Services user    
Member of VIP Club - Matching business partners and business opportunities