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Small Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Why SMEs? What is the opportunity?

All over the world SME's are essential for growth, community development and job creation.

They play a key role in domestic and increasingly in international business in both developed countries and in developing countries.



Small Business: An Engine for Growth in Emerging Markets
Supporting the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is a key factor to alleviating poverty.


Small and Medium Enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe
Various obstacles have prevented the growth and modernization of the SME sector in transition countries, although they did not inhibit the foundation of great numbers of traditional, mostly micro-enterprises fighting for survival.
These obstacles require that proper policies are addressed to the SME sector, both involving the general context or SME specific issues. The situation varies greatly through countries due to pre-transition features and different transition strategies. Since countries differ also under other features, policies should be different. The role of the European Union is particularly important in both an indirect and a direct way, as provider of uncertainty reducing role and devices and as supplier of resources.