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Freebizznet Support services

Business Development

From the first intake (profiling) and company registration to search, assessment, short listing, approaching companies and meeting support.  Because every client is different and has different requirements, we tailor our products to find the best solution for every unique business using our consultants in-country local expertise

In addition to providing information, we can also develop a market strategy to assist your company effectively promote and market its products and services to agencies, companies and potential clients

     Market & Strategy assessment Freebizznet’s in-country consultants provide your company with the market research and strategy it needs to understand the challenges and possibilities of your new market. Drawing upon our vast contacts with each countries’ government and trade and business organizations, we can offer relevant market information such as feasibility studies and advice on policies and regulations.

In addition to providing information, we can also develop a market strategy to assist your company effectively promote and market its products and services to agencies, companies and potential clients

     Focused Partner Search assignment Today all kinds of businesses are demanding much more in the way of marketing and search capabilities from their business agents, consultants, brokers and advisors. Finding a really good business partner is a hard task – if you are a business looking for help we can assist you in finding your ideal business partners with the necessary experience and skills essential for your success in your new markets. Our goal is to offer our clients a superior search and marketing service based on the requirements you provide us or we help you identify in our Market & Strategy Assessment.

     Risk mitigation services International Business can be complex with often clear as well as less obvious risks dotting the horizon of your venture into new markets. In order to mitigate risks, they first need to be recognized and quantified before steps can be taken to avoid any unwelcome damage to your plans. Risk can come in  many shapes and sizes; it can be the result of exposure to new or different environmental or labour policies, international  treaties or trade sanctions, volatile economic and financial conditions, different legal and regulatory environments, different competitive practices and product quality issues, or just the very nature of doing business in your new markets.  Freebizznet, together with its in-country partners can support you in identifying and managing these and other operational risks related to your new venture and managing your new business partner.

     Meetings Support Freebizznet can coordinate all your travel and meeting arrangements while you are in-country. Since relationships and face-to-face meetings are a key factor in doing business with people  in any country,  it is crucial that you meet with the right people . Our staff’s familiarity with the each country’s business environment enables us to efficiently arrange meetings with qualified leads to make your in-country efforts more productive.

In addition to travel arrangements, we can also update your company on numerous in-country industry conferences and trade shows.  We can notify your company about upcoming events in your industry, assist with registration and make recommendations regarding participation, either as an exhibitor or attendee

Local Representation services A local representation in your target country and the possibility for direct contacts will guarantee you a “visible presence” in your new market place. However to achieve this, it is not absolutely necessarily to create your own infrastructure. You have the option of several solutions with different variants, each of which will offer you this advantage

Distribution Channel establishment Freebizznet can establish distribution channels to assist you in selling your products and services. While there are many opportunities, it is difficult to know where to start to distribute your products. We will conduct research to identify major distributors in your industry and develop a practical and effective market strategy for regional and national markets.

Interpretation and Translation Linguistic and cultural barriers are a major obstacle for many companies that want to enter a new market. We will ensure quality interpretation and translation services so your company can overcome these difficulties and effectively communicate in that market or region.

Bilingual staff in each of our countries can meet all of you translation and interpretation needs. Our staff can translate marketing materials, create a local language website and conduct mass material translations.

Grants and subsidies Freebizznet Grants & Subsidy service in The Netherlands supports businesses in a structured, proactive manner in their search for subsidies, grants and tax credits. The Netherlands offers such a great variety, quantity and complexity of subsidies, that businesses and organisations most often need to invest a significant amount of time to find the subsidy schemes that are relevant to them. Our specialised Grants & Subsidy service offers support in all phases of the acquisition of subsidies; from the detection of potential subsidy opportunities and the drafting and submitting of applications, through to the communication with the body granting the subsidy.

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