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Looking for Professional Marketing Partners in Australia and New Zealand

Ref: 3-10-163
Business opportunity Type: This Freebizznet member is looking to Supply or Sell the following
Opportunity: Agent, Distribution Channels, VAR
Category: Professional Support Services
Sub-category: Market development and market support
Location of Business Opportunity: Oceania ,Australia ,New South Wales ,Sydney
Opportunity Description: Freebizznet is looking for a partner who is interested in developing a market presence for Freebizznet in Australia and New Zealand. The market we are looking to develop is Australia and New Zealand businesses looking to develop business in Europe, China and India. You will be reimbursed on the basis of revenues you have generated from internet subscribers within Australia and New Zealand. This is a start-up opportunity to participate in a web-enabled internationally oriented revenue model.
Conditions or Criteria: You are or you have a marketing / media or professional services business established in Australia or New Zealand or have a strong presence and understanding of the local business climate and way of doing business in there. In any case you must be able to
My Location: Netherlands
Status: Open
Views: 1867
Contact information: Premium Content