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ZC-401B Generator Rotor AC Impedance Tester

Ref: 228-16-592
Business opportunity Type: This Freebizznet member is looking to Supply or Sell the following
Opportunity: Manufactuuring outsourcing
Category: Manufacturing
Sub-category: Electrical equipment
Location of Business Opportunity: South America ,Brazil ,Goias ,agua Limpa
Opportunity Description: Product Introduction ZC-401 generator rotor AC impedance tester is our company launched the latest enhancement type AC impedance test instrument, the instrument using today's most advanced high-speed microprocessor technology, more powerful, performance is more superior, more convenient to use. The features of it are high reliability, simple operation, high test precision, compact and light, etc. At present in the domestic leading level. Product Features 1. Full automatic acquisition, measurement, display, storage, print all measurement parameters and impedance characteristic curve (voltage, current, impedance, power, frequency, equipment number, time, etc.). 2. Ultra large scale, it is fully automatic and manual measurement of all generator rotor AC impedance and its characteristic curve. 3. Built-in large capacity memory, storage test data, and the industry standard communication interface (RS232) uploaded to the PC machine, using random software developed by the company to realize data download, automatic generation and editing the typical test report, for the technical management and archiving. 4. Has the utility function of improving the overvoltage and overcurrent protection, and the protection value is automatically adjusted according to the test setting, which is simple and convenient and can ensure the safety of the test equipment. Product Parameters AC impedance 0-6kΩ 0.2class AC voltage 0-600V 0.2class Alternating current 0----120A 0.2class Active power 0-----72KW 0.5class Frequency 40---75HZ 0.2class Volume 415×225×200mm Weight 5kg
Conditions or Criteria: ISO
My Location: China
Status: Open
Views: 168
Contact information: Premium Content