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Partner Opportunities

Today’s business environments are changing fast. Globalization and Internet based business models have created tremendous opportunities for new business ventures and international cooperation. We have ever more access to global resources, and with it come opportunities for companies to find customers and new business partners globally.

Especially for small and medium sized businesses it is a challenge and an opportunity at the same time, to find the right global partners, distribution channels and markets – efficiently, effectively and on-time. We envision Freebizznet as being the leading resource for business to business information, facilitating services and business match making services. We offer our members a free basic listing membership, and paid for services providing  priority listings, extra business and portfolio presentations, advertising opportunities and access to our unique networking and Match-Making services.

Market Opportunity

Freebizznet specifically targets small and medium sized companies that want or need to become internationally active. We provide our services across all business sectors, whether they are in manufacturing, logistics, professional services, entertainment, education, tourism, information, communication, wholesale, retail, etc. Typically our member companies employ between 10-1000 people in their company. The market potential this represents depends on the each specific country but it is growing and it is large. Market research shows the number of SME’s varies between 2.5% and 6% SME’s per 1000 people. In many countries more than half of gross domestic product comes from these companies and they grow typically 2-3 faster than their national economy. In the EU alone there are about 19.3 million SME’s that account for 25%-35% of internationally traded goods. In China SME’s represent 50% of exports, USA-29% and Taiwan-43%. Already 1% of SMEs are global and 5-10% of SMEs are internationalized. And more….

Freebizznet Business Plan

Freebizznet is a global web-enabled service coupled with local in-country professional services supporting the internationalization plans of SMEs. Together, the web-enabled platform and the local knowledge provided by in-country professionals form a coherent, indispensible and comprehensive service. Therefore local professional services and thus qualified in-country partners are fundamental to the Freebizznet business model and value proposition.

Accordingly, Freebizznet is continually working to develop in-country partnerships in each country as we roll out our professional services network  through initially sub-contracting and subsequently franchising agreements.

Freebizznet Partner Profile

Freebiznet offers opportunities for in-country partners and/or Franchises.

Network partners and Franchises are companies that act as Freebizznet representative in the country based on a defined "territory" or business segment.

Business Partners perform Freebizznet services on behalf of Freebizznet, while franchisees are responsible for developing the successful in-country marketing strategy and its execution covering, customers, advertisers, other partners and all in-country sales activities.

Franchisees should have a thorough understanding of the SME B2B market place in the target country, excellent contact skills and an affinity with internet based publishing and advertising.

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