Freebizznet in country risk mitigation services
In country partner search

To reduce the risk of doing business in unknown territory, we advise our in-country partner search service.
You will get a daily contact person that coordinates activities locally in the country itself.  Someone that speaks the language and knows the (business) culture from within.

Depending on the nature of the business assignment (manufacturing partner, IT/software outsourcing partner, distribution partner, investment partner etc) we will look for partners in the country that fit your needs.

Freebizznet will assist the company to define the right search and matching assignment based on the company’s strengths, requirements and objectives. We will start the active search and identify potential strategic partners and or customers Reliable candidates with a good matching profile will be approached in the target business segment and target area.

Freebizznet will approach the selected parties, represent your business opportunity, and raise the  issue of possible cooperation, ask for price quotations (if relevant). We will organize a visit to these companies for further discussions and assist, prepare and facilitate these discussions.

We will follow up on the discussions and coordinate between the parties.